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Bruges Free Walking Tour

Highlights: History & Heritage

Daily free walking tour to discover the medieval centre of Bruges and its history through engaging stories. And best you'll leave with a lot more to experience!


Free Walking Tour Brussels

Tell Me About Brussels

Original Free Walking Tour

Discover this city's tumultuous history, its worst king ever, why there are 3 official languages and much more about the capital of Belgium.


€ 29.00
Best of Bruges Tour

The Best of Bruges

History Through Stories + snacks&beer

Discover the best of Bruges during small group tour, including a praline & waffle tasting and finishing with a small beer.


Private Tour Bruges

Bruges Private Tour

Based on You(r) Interests

Have a storyteller all to yourself. Discover the lesser known parts, focus on the highlights or even on Belgian food & beverages.


513 reviews

Definitely going to judge all future tours against this one. Pascal was so great and you could feel his love for the city in the tour. We had so much fun with this tour and definitely walked away feeling like we’d gotten the best of Brugge.

132 reviews

We had a wonderful tour with Edward! He was so knowledgeable and friendly and we really got to know the city from a local perspective.

31 reviews

We had a great walking tour with Ray. It was very informative and hit all the must see spots. Ray was a super knowledgeable and fun guy to walk with. I would definitely recommend this to anyone traveling to Bruges.


What does it mean? A free tour?

It means that it's a Pay What You Want tour. At the end of the tour, you decide what the tour is worth to you and whether you want to reward the guide accordingly (and according to your budget). That way everyone can enjoy a tour.

Do the tours run when it rains?

Yes they do! If we were affraid of a little rain that half of the time we'd have to cancel our tours. Instead we adapt! With some light rain: we try to fix an umbrella for the participants that forgot their own, walk faster and relax once we've found shelter again. With heavy rain: we make sure everyone is properly dressed for bad weather or divert into buildings.

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The founder and president of Ambassadors. Originally Dutch, but fell in love with Bruges and storytelling.



School Principal, educator, proud Guest House owner, storyteller & secretary of Ambassadors.



Always telling interesting stories whether he's on tour or running his own bar:
't Verdriet van België.



Professional entertainer, proud dad and one of the first free tour guides in Bruges.



Never a boring teacher. That's why his student are so happy with him. And so will you.



Running his own pop-up cocktail bar, works in a cookie factory and lives in a monastery.



Born in Venezuela, maried in Belgium and in love with Bruges. Prepare for a rapid firing stories in Spanish.



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