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Tell Me Stories About Ghent

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Our original free walking tour of Ghent using stories to bring history to life. From the canals where merchants arrived, the Gravensteen Castle to the Belfry Tower and Saint Bavo's Cathedral home to the Ghent Altarpiece. Just us every day in the morning & afternoon


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Combine our storytellers expert knowledge about Ghent with your personal interests and you've won the golden ticket to discover the city.


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641 reviews

Definitely going to judge all future tours against this one. Pascal was so great and you could feel his love for the city in the tour. We had so much fun with this tour and definitely walked away feeling like we’d gotten the best of Brugge.

247 reviews

We had a wonderful tour with Edward! He was so knowledgeable and friendly and we really got to know the city from a local perspective.

31 reviews

We had a great walking tour with Ray. It was very informative and hit all the must see spots. Ray was a super knowledgeable and fun guy to walk with. I would definitely recommend this to anyone traveling to Bruges.

Sobre Gante

Descubre la rica historia y cultura de Gante con un Guía Local

Gante es una joya escondida a menudo ignorada por los turistas en favor de Bruselas y Brujas. Sin embargo, Gante ofrece una combinación única de arquitectura medieval y moderna, lo que la convierte en un destino perfecto para los aficionados a la historia y los entusiastas de la cultura.

Con uno de nuestros expertos guías locales, tendrás la oportunidad de explorar las joyas escondidas de la ciudad y aprender sobre su rica historia y cultura. Además, podrás obtener una visión del estilo de vida diario de los lugareños. Únete a nosotros para un paseo por los canales, donde verás algunas de las más bellas arquitecturas medievales de la ciudad.

Después, visita la impresionante Catedral de San Bavón, hogar del famoso retablo de Gante. Explora el castillo medieval de Gravensteen y sube a la impresionante Torre del Campanario.

La ciudad también alberga una próspera escena artística, con numerosos museos y galerías que muestran artistas locales e internacionales.

Inicia tu visita a la ciudad uniéndote a uno de nuestros tours a pie guiados en Gante. Nuestros guías estarán encantados de brindarte consejos y recomendaciones.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean? A free tour?

It means that it's a Pay What You Want tour. At the end of the tour, you decide what the tour is worth to you and whether you want to reward the guide accordingly (and according to your budget). That way everyone can enjoy a tour.

Is booking in advance necessary?

We do allow people to join our tours on the spot. If you want to have your spot guaranteed however, booking through our own website here is advised (and it's free and simple).

Do the tours run when it rains?

Yes they do! If we were affraid of a little rain that half of the time we'd have to cancel our tours. Instead we adapt! With some light rain: we try to fix an umbrella for the participants that forgot their own, walk faster and relax once we've found shelter again. With heavy rain: we make sure everyone is properly dressed for bad weather or divert into buildings.

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